At last some pictures!!

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This is my Grandfather, Grandmother, Aunts & Uncles - my Dad's the one in the shorts. This was taken on the grass bank behind Clock House in Broadchalke, Wiltshire. And to the right is a picture of my Grandfather in his Army Uniform - thanks to David for letting me scan his copy!



This is, of course, my gorgeous FiancÚe, Pauline - who is the love of my life and my world - with her smashing Daughter Paige - what a great kid - and a testament to her Mums great upbringing...


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This is David & I very drunk (notice we're supporting each other) after a Greek night on Holiday in Crete Sept 2000, and with it is me on my 40th Birthday, slaughtered again!

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I went to The Dominican Republic Spring 2002, this is our Hotel in Playa Dorada. Lovely place to visit, very poor, but very scenic and cheap!


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You might have seen this one before - it's me sat on a Formula Palmer Audi at Bedford Aerodrome Race Circuit - I'd just finished in a race in one of the (mine was covered in mud where I'd span it off!) I got to drive several cars - Audi TT, S4, Integra Type R, Subaru Impreza STi, 4X4's (crap), Caterham 7 - and the best of the day A Lotus Elise which I got my best placings in! The Audi was VERY difficult to drive, I thought I'd breeze it, so I stalled it 3 times, spun it and got placed 3rd from bottom, hmmmm, just need a bit more practice - Please.... For my 40th Karen paid for me to go to Castle Combe to drive a Formula Ford, lot easier than the Audis, and I got high praise for my driving ability in the Ford Focus RS' (but then again I had driven down in the Ti which has more power and scarier understeer, but a very similar diff system, so maybe I had a better start than the other people on the day) Cars themselves would push about a ton, which seems mighty fast with your arse an inch above the ground!


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I never thought this pic would happen - it's me getting my 10 Year award from work! Anyone who was there will also remember the crappiest and longest speech in all of history! All I can say in my defence was sorry - I was a bit drunk!


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Egypt 2004, Sharm el Sheikh, blimey what a cheap holiday! Fantastically hot, and the hotel - Amar Sina, just outside of town was superb. I'm afraid to say I got a dose of the trots on the last day which made for a nervous flight home, but there you go first time I've ever had anything and I always have all the Salads and Ice Cubes etc.... Would definitely go again and I really will sort out my Padi Certificate!

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